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Reflection- For all of my final project parts you can find them on my blog post. My process for my three parts was planned out well making my thoughts easy on what to do since 2 of them were related to each other. For my survey I really did want to know peoples thoughts about different school and homework topics. The results did help with my knowledge and my inforgraphic. My inforgraphic demonstrates my growth from just the overall work in the parts needed. At the beginning of making these I was not very good and just made them basic. Now, I feel that I challenged myself more making it with more details and information given. My accomplishment was making it more advanced which i succeeded in.

Timeline project

practice infographic


The purpose of my survey was to show the statistics of different activities and time spent outside. I think that my results show that most people like to spend time outside during the warmer seasons. When people are outside they like to do different activities like sports, exercise, beach, and hang with friends. I have come to the conclusion that it is the more popular opinion to be outside enjoying the warm heather having all different kinds of fun. This data could be used to determine different aspects and statistics.